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Related: "Stop This Nonsense": Tesla's Autopilot and Its Problems With Stationary Object Detection

Tesla vehicles on Autopilot seem to be hitting a lot of big, obvious, unmoving objects. An expert opinion on what may be the cause and what should be done.
The New England Motor Press and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), recently convened a symposium on autonomous driving systems that brought together leading experts in the field. The presentations and panel discussions were very informative and provided the media with a detailed look behind the curtain at what the current state of the art is. One expert from Nvidia gave a detailed overview of how autonomous driving systems are programmed to detect and then react to small objects. One example was a seagull. Presently, there are self-driving system in operation on public roads than can see a seagull, and know how to react to it given real-time options. Yet, a Tesla Model S costing up to $160K can't detect a firetruck ahead and avoid it or stop before hitting it.
Full story at Torque News.
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