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Replacing Third Brake light, how?

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The third brake light that is located on the tail gate of my 2012 has broken. I'm thinking of replacing it, but I can't find any information about how to get it off. It appears to have little plugs that cover the screws? Anyone tackle this yet? Any tips? Sources? Thanks in advance.
Here's a link to what I'm thinking of purchasing. If I can find a used one I would like to do that as well.
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So far I've found it nearly impossible to find and purchase a used one of these.
Open hatch
Remove liftgate lower trim finish panel
Disconnect high mount stoplight electrical connector from main liftgate harness

With hatch up and looking at the bottom of the high mount stoplight, remove the two high mount stoplight access hole covers (one on left, one on right)
Remove the now uncovered screws
Remove high mount stoplight and wire harness from the spoiler.
Yes thank you for the info.
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