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replacing J1772 cable on SPX Voltec (5 lead) with a 4 lead J1772?

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My Voltec spx J1772 failed, the head is loose and I thought I might as well swap for a 25 feet non-coiled J1772. When my part came in it has 4 leads and I'm confused as to how to install it. As anyone done this?

Any help is greatly appreciated. If all else fails, I'll have to buy a new L2 charger which I'm hoping to avoid.

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At least for the 4 wire J1772 cable:

White= Neutral/L2

The issue is probably not the cable. There are no active components in the cable or plug. Hopefully some else will chime in on the internal connections. Maybe they are labeled on the board?
Because you're wiring 240VAC to the Voltec, L1/L2 actually don't matter, both are hot.
Per J1772 standard pin 1 of the J1772 plug is the L1 Hot line, whereas pin 2 is the neutral (for L1 mode), and L2 hot phase for L2 mode. So you have two hot phases.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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