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replacing J1772 cable on SPX Voltec (5 lead) with a 4 lead J1772?

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My Voltec spx J1772 failed, the head is loose and I thought I might as well swap for a 25 feet non-coiled J1772. When my part came in it has 4 leads and I'm confused as to how to install it. As anyone done this?

Any help is greatly appreciated. If all else fails, I'll have to buy a new L2 charger which I'm hoping to avoid.

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Thanks Ed!

The labeling from left to right
Square, Circle, L1, L2, Grd

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White Black Green = Red Black Green
At least for the 4 wire J1772 cable:

White= Neutral/L2
Thanks for the info on the 5th wire. Now I'm confused about L1/L2

square Black w Purple Stripe = blue
circle blue = do not connect
L1 Red = Black
L2 Black = White
Grd Green = green

Or because it's 220v it doesn't matter if L1 and L2 swap position? I would think that Black = Black and Red = white. But per Edk-austin comment it suggests otherwise.
Thank you Ed for confirming the 2 hots. I'll wire it up tomorrow.
Thanks everyone for your help! I was able to swap the cable out and didn't use the second lead from the left.
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