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Replace chromed moulding around center screen?

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Hi, this bit of chromed moulding around the center screen is crumbling and it bugs me. Only replacement I can find is for the whole center control panel (which is expensive). Anyone know of anything to try?
I kinda doubt that this piece could be removed without breaking it.

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Silver paint? Self adhesive chrome vinyl?
Mask the edges carefully and plasti-dip it?
I covered mine with 1/4" black pinstripe tape. I did it to keep the sunlight from reflecting into my eyes, but you could use any color you desired. It's not perfect, but I've never had a passenger notice it.

Or, at least, never had one mention that they noticed it.
Some were crummy like that from the factory - my original panel was only in the car 18 months and it's the same.

The chrome surround and the cover can be removed by taking out the control panel, removing the screen and then undoing a few screws (two of which are hidden behind some other screws).

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A while back I posted about this chrome paint which works extremely well:

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