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Repair of Circuit Board of an EVSE

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I have an EVSE whose internal Circuit Board is beginning to fail. The overseas manufacturer will send me a new board for free and they are offering to pay for the cost of having a repair shop stateside put in the new board and I guess solder it back together. Does anybody know of a shop that would do that kind of thing? My other option is to send the entire unit back, but the shipping cost will be high and it will take a good while. Any ideas? thanks

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I know of none. Look up electronic repair shops in your area? Soldering is not hard and the equipment inexpensive.
If it's not too hard to rewire the thing together I might even try it myself. I'm not sure that I would need to solder it anyway -- I have to look and see. If I can do it myself I will.

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Correct. It may be screw-down connectors. Open the case and look at how the wires from the wall plug and the wires from the cord that goes to the car connect to the circuit board. That will answer the question.
Here's the Voltec 240V EVSE I gutted and put a new board into. The incoming and outgoing lines are attached via set screw blocks (no soldering):

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