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Repair of Circuit Board of an EVSE

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I have an EVSE whose internal Circuit Board is beginning to fail. The overseas manufacturer will send me a new board for free and they are offering to pay for the cost of having a repair shop stateside put in the new board and I guess solder it back together. Does anybody know of a shop that would do that kind of thing? My other option is to send the entire unit back, but the shipping cost will be high and it will take a good while. Any ideas? thanks

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Soldering is probably one of the easier DIY electronic jobs out there. Most hand held "wand" type soldering irons are sufficient, but occasionally you'll find they just don't get hot enough (30w usually) and you may need a 50 or 100w iron. For the circuit board on the EVSE, a 30w iron should be enough. Just make sure you take your time and verify that you don't solder two adjacent terminals. If this is your first time doing this job, I'd suggest taking high res close up shots and comparing the before and after images of everything you solder to make sure it's right and nothing got connected to the replacement solder points that shouldn't have.
The catch is that the wires are pretty large diameter.
Thats why I suggested perhaps a 30w iron might be a bit on the small side. Especially when it comes to the L1, L2/neutral and ground wires on the J1772 side of the EVSE.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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