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"The Zoe's base price, after the grant, is £13,650 ($21,840). However, Renault is also charging buyers a £70 ($112) a month battery-rental fee. Over five years, that adds £4,200 ($6,720) to the total cost of the car—still making the Zoe a less expensive choice for motorists who don't require a larger vehicle."

The Zoe emerged as top mass-production vehicle Saturday in the Royal Automobile Club's (RAC) Future Car Challenge, achieving the equivalent of 163.3 miles per gallon (69.4 kilometers per liter) in the Brighton-to-London road rally.

Certainly less expensive than the Volt, of course we'll need to see more about the car than simply a Euro price tag. But I applaud their win! Looks like the Chevy Spark EV will have more competition.

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