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Renault Says Future Is Not Driving Around In Washing Machines

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Renault Says Future Is Not “Driving Around In Washing Machines”

Renault Says Future Is Not “Driving Around In Washing Machines”

Renault is preparing for a future beyond the privately owned car, and according to design boss Laurens van den Acker, the future is very bright.

“Everyone thinks the future is driving around in washing machines and life is over. Or you’ll be castrated. This is not the case… Don’t quote me on that.”

Sorry Laurens, but it’s a great quote. A very human quote, and one that encapsulates the effort going into creating a more appealing and romantic version of travel in this inevitably self-driving future.

It’s this approach that Renault hopes will elevate models like the EZ-GO above myriad other anonymous, autonomous boxes on wheels that are being presented in response to an ageing and increasingly urban population.

(Read the rest at Inside EVs)
LOL - didn't think of that. Doing laundry while you travel! And I just wanted a wet bar...... :rolleyes:
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I'm not sure I'd want to be in a "spin cycle" while on the road. It seems to me most people who do this aren't real happy with the results. :)
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