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My right hand is literally ripped to shreds and my left hand is badly scratched and gouged.

Does anyone know how to remove the headlight assembly's

I have searched everywhere including internet and can not find anything on the 2017 or gen 2 chev volt.

I am attempting to swap out the high beam bulbs with led units in order to improve the low quality of illumination.

In the city there was no problems driving however I am know in the outskirts and driving on roads without any lines or even warnings of extremely deep ditches has me worried.

I tried to install a 5000k kit however with my big hands and little space I can not get the bulbs properly seated.

After 3 hours of trying and trying and my blood over the nice white paint I gave up and decided to see if anyone has ever removed the headlight assemblies of the gen 2 cars.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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