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relearing tool for tmps

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I got a gen 2 2017 volt ,i am planning to get some new tmps and need to get a relearning tool ,i have searched the ebay and internet but they said that they only have for the 2016 .any ideas where i can get one and also anyone know where i can get compatible tmps i guess as long as they are 433 mhz. any suggestions would be great thx
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This is what recommends when you put a tire/wheel package in your cart

They do a really good job of not allowing you to mess up when fitting tires/wheels to your car.
If you rotate the tires, you won't get a message, but your pressure readings won't be in the right spot.
Funny thing, I religiously rotated my tires myself on the first set to the 36k mark when I had to replace them. My solution was to stick a postit in my glovebox with arrows showing where the TPMSes have moved to. When a tire was low on the screen, I’d look at the cheat sheet to see which tire to fill. Then when I finally got a relearn tool (and new 18 inch wheels and tires, plus snows on the OEM wheels), I stopped rotating my tires. Worn front tires get tossed, relatively unworn rears get moved to the front, new tires placed in the rear, tires never swap sides. Ok so technically I’m still rotating, but only once in a tire’s lifetime.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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