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Regen question

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Probably been answered but I can't find it: When the car is in hold mode where does the regen energy go and why doesn't it show up on the GOM? Also, same question when the battery is at zero miles?
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And, as usual, it's worth remembering that 2011/12 account for miles differently (much more simply) than 2013/14/15... Miles driven with the green meter showing are electric, miles driven with the blue meter showing or while the engine is on are gas miles, no matter how they got into the car. You can run it down to one mile remaining, pop on Mountain Mode and pull over until the engine stops, pop off MM and (because you still had range left when you turned it on) drive 14 more ev miles, with your 0.1 miles of gas use burning 0.3 gallons, for an absolutely terrible MPGcs.
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