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Regen on Demand Paddle not working at beginning of drive (2017 G2 Premier)

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I noticed recently that my regen on demand paddle does not seem to be working at the beginning of my drive below freezing (20's) for maybe five to ten minutes.

When I press the paddle (D or L) foot not on the go pedal, I hear something rev up, no idea if engine or a hydraulic pump. I think the engine has been on each time this happened. Later, it works normally.

2017 G2 Premier 1 and 2 pkgs, ACC

Anyone else experience this?
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Hello everyone,

We've taken the time to review this thread, and we wanted to weigh in with some insight from our end. To clarify, regenerative braking may become inoperative regardless of battery temperature or charge. This is true in all of our hybrid and electric products. The system will automatically reduce the amount of energy flowing into the battery to prevent damage and promote a longer battery life. It is likely that what you hear is the engine spinning up to help slow the vehicle, similar to manually downshifting a traditional car to slow down. The reprogramming mentioned by gjm3 may also be of benefit to you.

We would be happy to see if this applies to your vehicle. To do so, please send us your VIN in a private message.

Lauren E.
Chevrolet Customer Care
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