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Regen on Demand Paddle not working at beginning of drive (2017 G2 Premier)

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I noticed recently that my regen on demand paddle does not seem to be working at the beginning of my drive below freezing (20's) for maybe five to ten minutes.

When I press the paddle (D or L) foot not on the go pedal, I hear something rev up, no idea if engine or a hydraulic pump. I think the engine has been on each time this happened. Later, it works normally.

2017 G2 Premier 1 and 2 pkgs, ACC

Anyone else experience this?
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I have noticed the regen paddle not working mostly on a steep down hill gradient early in my drive, I bet there isn't enough battery buffer available so early after a full charge. That, combined with the clutch disconnect, probably explains all of what I am seeing.

The garage is unheated, but except for summer thunderstorms, I leave the Volt always plugged in. Usually I do precondition, but sometimes I forget to. Not sure if that correlates to the regen paddle not working early in the drive. I will try to remember to check.

Sounds like all is well, no technical issues, just a matter of opening up a large enough buffer beyond what is there at full charge, to accept the regen energy, especially with a steep down hill grade at the beginning of the drive. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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