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Regen Breaking pedals

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You have Regenerative breaking in 3 places now - the breaks, the low gear and the steering wheel pedal. The breaks are as they should be, but having soft regen breaking (low) and hard regen breaking (pedal) is confusing and weird. You can easily combine the soft and hard regen breaking into one. Here are some options:
  1. low and very low gears.
  2. two pedals - one for hard, one for soft regen breaking.
  3. have two stages in the pedal - soft stage and hard stage.
  4. have a continuous range of hardness in the breaking pedal - the more you press the harder it breaks (like the regular breaks).
I would prefer the fourth, or third. I like breaking with my hand.
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+10, That has been my hope / request for a long time.
Let us decide how aggressive we want the regen to be (Bakes, L and paddle)
I'm confused. What are you asking for that the brake pedal doesn't already do?
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