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Regen after battery is fully charged

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I recently fully charged my Volt at a relatively high elevation. After it was charged I proceeded to drive downhill, which resulted in the Volt attempting to regen some power back into the batteries. But since the batteries were already fully charged it appeared to switch to gas mode and started logging gas miles. Except that the ICE was not running and the Volt still appeared to be in 100% electric mode. What was the Volt doing? Is this how it handles a situation where the batteries cannot accept further charging? If so, where was the regen power going? Were the brake pads possibly being used instead of regen without my knowledge?

I have a 2015 Gen 1 Volt.
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It goes no where. It just provides resistance to provide braking.
It can't go nowhere. The momentum has to be converted to something somewhere. Could it be possible when the battery is maxed out that the car actually puts the ICE into the drivetrain to dissipate the momentum as heat? Only WOT can confirm if this is what the car is really doing.
I was at the wind power visitor center near Ellensburg (very interesting, BTW), they had an L2 charger so I charged to full. Then left on an 18 mile steep descent to the Columbia River, the range kept increasing from regen. Once it reached 63 miles I switched to gas because I was nervous about the battery. Seemed to be real range that I could use later tho.
I wouldn't worry about possibly overcharging the battery. The engineering behind this car is solid. It's not that you're overcharging the battery, but the guessometer was adjusting your expected range based on driving conditions. There wa son need to switched to ICE.
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