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Regen after battery is fully charged

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I recently fully charged my Volt at a relatively high elevation. After it was charged I proceeded to drive downhill, which resulted in the Volt attempting to regen some power back into the batteries. But since the batteries were already fully charged it appeared to switch to gas mode and started logging gas miles. Except that the ICE was not running and the Volt still appeared to be in 100% electric mode. What was the Volt doing? Is this how it handles a situation where the batteries cannot accept further charging? If so, where was the regen power going? Were the brake pads possibly being used instead of regen without my knowledge?

I have a 2015 Gen 1 Volt.
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So if it's not regening any power into the batteries then where is the power going? After it switches into this pseudo "gas" mode it appears to still be harvesting electrical power.
Very interesting, but not surprising. The car's kinetic energy has to go somewhere. And if it's not into the battery via regenerative braking it sounds like they use a combination of clutches, motor resistance, and friction braking to expel that energy.

What I didn't mention is that I actually live at the top of said hill. I'll have to change my normal commute to a path that doesn't start off downhill, but hits the downhill portion only after I've used some kWh's and have room in the battery for normal regen.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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