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I drive a Red HHR 19 miles to work second shift in a factory that makes automotive parts for GM and many other manufactures. When I get there I park in a row of big pickup trucks. The factory was kind enough to provide a few electric outlets for people to plug in their diesels when it is cold. (See where I am going here?)

When the weather is bad I drive a red Chevy Colorado. Even when the weather is bad (4wd) I get 20mpg. Both vehicles are standard transmissions. (That narrows down the odds considerably)

I have a windmill in the yard and a very well insulated garage that is set up with radiant heat. Payments for both vehicals combined are under $500 a month. They will be paid for when the Volt is ready. I use about 100 gallons of fuel a month
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Cold weather rollout

Hi Calgary,

We will se how long it takes GM to roll the Volt out in the northern climes..

I certainly do not think the rollout will be as fast as their new truck. I am seeing that everywhere. Some people have mentioned the cold and the battery pack being incompatible. I know that cold and lead acid batteries do not get along. However my windmill that was built in the southwest made more electricity in the cold because
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