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rebuild a level 2 Voltec charger

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I had my original Voltec level 2 charger rebuilt by Radwell International Inc. Willingboro, N.J. Price was about 300.00 with a 3 year guarantee. Great company to work with! My charger was purchased in 2011.
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My Voltec level 2 charger went Tango Uniform 3 days ago.
Figured it be easy enough to change the fuses, $4 and you are done.
Fuses were good, checked and double checked.
Found a tiny little burn mark next to diode looking piece on the mother board.
Called GM and asked if they would stand behind it, on my 3rd Volt, loyal customer, blah blah..
About to throw away the Voltec charger, then I saw this thread.
What is the best deal on a Clipper Creek these days?
(Have not even started to check prices yet.)
My buddy is getting read of his Volt and said I can have his Stage 2 charger.
Still tempting to rebuild the Voltec, hate to throw away a $500 charger if it can be fixed.
Will hold on to it for now I guess. Perhaps even remove the motherboard and look at the other side., perhaps the burned out peiece can be replaced for $10?
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A 16A ClipperCreek is $379, a 32A is $565. If you are pinching pennies then the 16A is good enough for the Volt. It doesn't make sense to waste $300 repairing and old EVSE if you can get a new one for $379.
Not sure I am pinching pennies but hate to throw good money after bad.
How many amps is the Voltec, 15..?
You can buy the 16A one from China (from Zencar) for $116 plus shipping. I have two of them.
Got a link?
That there just may be tha solution..
Now surfed Amazon and eBay for cheap chargers, and found this:
Electronic device Technology Cable Electronics accessory
Electronic device Technology Cable Electronics accessory
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Thx, much appreciated.
Does my old L2 Inop Voltec charger have any value?
I'll sell if for $50 and shipping.
A handy guy could probably replace the scorched piece on the mother board?

The fuses work, and the whole thing was ok up until a few days ago: I plugged in the charger and before the green lights went on, I had plugged in the car. A bit out of sequence:(
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