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Rear windows loose in track? (2014)

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file this one under, is this normal?

I noticed this afternoon when I was cracking my windows open a couple of inches, that my rear windows tilt/shift/rock within the track... very noticeably when moving the window up and down. by hand I can rock them both approx the same amount, so it makes me think it might be normal, but I want to check to see if I should complain at the dealer.
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I haven't noticed tracking issues on my '13. With summer here the rear windows are definitely getting more usage to help cool the car before I go out so I usually only observe when they're rolling up (glance over the shoulder) and they don't appear to shift at all. Perhaps I'll have to try stopping them midway up, bring them down and up and see if I observe anything unusual.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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