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Rear mirror vision in rain

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So yeah you can't really see out the rear view mirror and the backup camera looks like that. How now brown cow

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In the days when a rear wiper was unheard of, and rear cameras were undreamed of, people never used to go out in the rain because it was too dangerous to reverse. The whole country would routinely grind to a halt at the very sign of a bit of rain.

Do you remember those days, when we'd all write in to government whilst stuck at home unable to reverse out of our drives safely? We'd demand how unacceptable it was that it's impossible to operate a motor vehicle safely with rain on the rear windscreen? So they gave us rear wipers and rear cameras, and made them legally mandated because of the impossibility of avoiding an accident without them.

..... Have I got any of that wrong?.....
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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