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Rear door/window clicking

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Lately I have been hearing a clicking noise; almost like the sound of the power window motor makes when attempting to roll an already shut window close- a small click- when going over bumps or taking off from a stop.

Anyone else have this issue? I know in a car that sounds can bounce around and be difficult to pinpoint but just wondered if anyone else experienced this before I went to the dealer and have them look at this.

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Would actually buckling the rear passenger's seat belts eliminate the problem entirely? It would be annoying to unbuckle then re-buckle for your passengers, but if it stops the sound for good, that's a decent workaround until the service department can replace your seat belt reel.
tsdahc, thanks for helping others out with the TAC code. This is a very weird issue indeed. I'm shocked that GM forbids the dealer from investigating until a code is thrown. If a problem can be reproduced, fix it! Maybe it'll be the fault of the car, maybe it'll be the fault of the owner. Regardless, fix it!
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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