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Rear door/window clicking

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Lately I have been hearing a clicking noise; almost like the sound of the power window motor makes when attempting to roll an already shut window close- a small click- when going over bumps or taking off from a stop.

Anyone else have this issue? I know in a car that sounds can bounce around and be difficult to pinpoint but just wondered if anyone else experienced this before I went to the dealer and have them look at this.

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My passengers rear door just started doing this.
So we have had this issue since the first week or so of ownership. It is a random clicking sound, like a window trying to roll up after it's up already. I spoke with my father who is an engineer at GM, he checked around the people he knows up there and couldn't find anything on the issue. He referred me to the executive customer service reps who set up a dealer visit. Took it in, demonstrated the noise to the dealer and was told, no way to fix it at this time. I have included our invoice with the TAC number. If you are experiencing this issue, take it in to the dealer and give them the TAC number. Since this isn't throwing a code, GM will not give them authorization to investigate. This was told to me from the customer service rep from GM and the dealer. I was told I had to wait until, more cases are reported, it can be reproduced on demand or it outright fails. The more people we get involved and reporting the sooner we can get a field engineer out to actually troubleshoot the issue since the techs at the dealer are not authorized.
For those without picture access the TAC code is 8-2888465379.
I'll notify as well.
Has anybody has success in recreating the click on demand? I hear the precise click from my driver's door (about a foot from my head, so rather annoying) but it seems random or perhaps more common when thermal changes such as sitting out in the sun before being driven.
I finally resorted to letting my wife drive while I sat in the back seat (my click seems to be rear passengers door).
I could hear a relay-like CLICK but damned if I could localize it beyond "the back door". Sometimes it sounded like it was in the door, sometimes more near the roofline. WEIRD!

Personally I haven't been able to isolate the circumstances that cause it enough to reproduce it on demand. For a while I thought it happened while breaking on a sharp downhill.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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