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Rear door/window clicking

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Lately I have been hearing a clicking noise; almost like the sound of the power window motor makes when attempting to roll an already shut window close- a small click- when going over bumps or taking off from a stop.

Anyone else have this issue? I know in a car that sounds can bounce around and be difficult to pinpoint but just wondered if anyone else experienced this before I went to the dealer and have them look at this.

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Guys, I think it's the same noise that I have on mine. Clicking over bumps above the right rear passenger seat. It's the seat belt retractor reel located behind a panel above the window area. Here's what I do. Extend the seat belt about 18". Pull HARD so that the belt locks. Release, pull again HARD until it locks and release. One more time. That takes care of my rattle for a few days until I have to do it again. I've notified my dealer and they have ordered a new RH rear passenger seat belt for me and will install it upon arrival. Hope it works.
Would actually buckling the rear passenger's seat belts eliminate the problem entirely? It would be annoying to unbuckle then re-buckle for your passengers, but if it stops the sound for good, that's a decent workaround until the service department can replace your seat belt reel.
Just buckling the seat belt made no difference. The noise was still there. I had to pull hard on the belt after the reel locked up. It stops rattling for about 2-3 days.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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