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rear dashcam

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is there any good way to power it such that it will power on/off with the car? I'm on a lease so physical modifications that can't be undone are probably not the best.
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I just recently finished my setup for both front and rear dash cam.
I am using Power Magic which attached directly to the 12V battery and the cut off voltage is set at 12.5V which will provide power at parking for a while without completely drain the battery.
After the Power Magic I have a DC-DC Buck Converter which I can set output voltage and current. This charges a power bank I built with 8 x 3 AA NiH rechargeable batteries. The reason using AA is that they are much safer than Lithium power banks especially during summer when the car can get dangerously hot under the sun.
After the battery I have a DC-DC Buck Converter which provide 5V to the 2 cameras.
All of these sit under the trunk carpet which is away from the heat.
BTW the 2 cameras are using super capacitors instead of lithium batteries due to safety concerns as mentioned above.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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