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rear dashcam

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is there any good way to power it such that it will power on/off with the car? I'm on a lease so physical modifications that can't be undone are probably not the best.
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There appears to be a rear fuse panel in the Gen 2 just like the Gen 1. Use an "Add-a-circuit" plug to tap a fuse slot that is switched. Then use a dashcam/GPS hard wire kit to connect it. You should be able to hide the wires behind the plastic panels. You'll need to have some extra slack hanging from the hatch so you can open it. You will need to use a ground point for the hardwire kit. This may involve drilling a small screw in to the metal frame.

Hardwire kit:
Add-a-circuit plugs:

As an example. I've attached a photo of the front panel fuse in the Gen 1. It shows the 'Add-a-circuit' and hardwire kit. It's completely reversible. Just plug the original fuse back in and remove the cables. The only permanent mod will be the ground screw (If you have to create one). But that'll be hidden and will not affect the car in any way.


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thanks, thats along the lines of what I was interested in learning.
You're welcome. I forgot to mention that you'll need to buy the hardwire kit that uses the same type of USB as your dashcam. Most of them use USB Micro-B and USB Mini-B.
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