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Rear brake lights wire?

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Hello, does anyone know where I can find the schematics for the rear brake lights wiring that controls all three lights? I am trying to hook up a Stop Alert Flasher with G-Force sensor that requires I cut in the main brake light wire. here is the install instructions for the device.
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Thank you for your help. Would those pins/wires also control the signal on each side? The interesting part about this gadget is the 3-axis accelerometer and thought it might work somehow when driving in L.

If the signal is on the same wires as the brake than that won't work.
It will if you use diodes. I think your best bet is a basic flasher system for the 3rd brake light.
How would you go about wiring it with diodes to make all three lamps work with the flasher? If I'm thinking what you're thinking is get power from third light and run wires with diodes to brake lights and tap there?

Good info there Mister Dave. thank you.
Probably, and makes for a quick install too...So, I am not able to find a diagram or color code for the rear third brake light to possibly access it from the driver side outer panel.
Also the problem with the dioes now that I think about it is if you get power from the third light to power both brake lights with the dioed in the run to each would probably not work when signaling and the brakes are applied the same time, or am I thinking wrong?
The cool part about this particular flasher is that it's programmable in so many ways and has the accelerometer built in, it would have been nice to have the lights even flashing once then steady while slowing down in L. Verry cool and only wish it had an app for it.
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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