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Rear brake lights wire?

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Hello, does anyone know where I can find the schematics for the rear brake lights wiring that controls all three lights? I am trying to hook up a Stop Alert Flasher with G-Force sensor that requires I cut in the main brake light wire. here is the install instructions for the device.
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The brake pedal position (BPP) sensor is used to sense the action of the driver application of the brake pedal. The BPP sensor provides an analogue voltage signal that will increase as the brake pedal is applied. The body control module (BCM) provides a low reference signal and a 5 V reference voltage to the BPP sensor. When the variable signal reaches a voltage threshold indicating the brakes have been applied, the BCM will apply battery voltage to the left and right brake lamp control circuits as well as the centre high mounted brake lamp control circuit illuminating the left and right brake lamps and the centre high mounted brake lamp.

Flashing brake lights would be super annoying but since all the brake lights on the Gen1 are LED this shouldn't necessarily shorten their life.

All 3 LED brake lights are fed from 3 individual voltage outputs of the K9 BCM which terminate to:

Pin 1 (brown/yellow) of the center brake LED connector
Pin 2 (light blue/grey) of the left brake LED connector
Pin 2 (white) of the right brake LED connector

So this mean U would need to wire all 3 brake LEDs together somehow in order to be able to control with this device unless you just only want 1 LED to flash such as the center brake LED!;)

Not sure if flashing brake lights would have helped the folks involved in the multiple crashes in the video above during clear/dry conditions at night...
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