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Readiness codes OBD2

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My Volt failed inspection due to insufficient data.

I am monitoring the readiness flags now on Torque. Does anybody know what flags need to be "ready". I have no longer "incomplete" test but several that say "unavailable". It that still a fail?
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Some may be unavailable due to it not being an option thats required or tested in particular. Some scanners show a readiness monitor for the A/C system (aircon) to test for refrigerant leaks but it's not a requirement for emissions readiness. I know in CA you are allowed up to 1 incomplete readiness monitor without an automatic failure or insufficient data return. If any you had previously were incomplete and are now complete, then you should be good to go. As colchiro suggested, driving in hybrid mode is required to set those readiness monitors and may take a few drive cycles to complete all of them.

If you're using a bluetooth/wifi dongle, try the app OBD Auto Doctor (android for sure has it). In the diagnostic tab at the bottom it also includes readiness monitors. If all of them have a check or it shows 0 of ?? required, then you have all of the monitors set.
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