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I found the Acrobat formatted document (PDF) for the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV here: and Videos/02_pdf/2k14spark_ev.pdf

I bought the paper version at Helm, Inc, last year but now anyone can read the electronic version for free. Compare this manual with the Chevy Volt (already online) and the Cadillac ELR posted here yesterday. The scheduled maintenance is the simplest of the three, and proves how Spark EV owners will save even more than Volt or ELR owners.

Find and read pages 1-19 to 1-21 on DC Charging, and see the illustration on page 1-19. Step 3 is to remove the DC charging port cover. This cover is ORANGE in color, so now if you visit a Chevy dealer, and see the Chevy Spark Ev there, ask to open the charge door. If you see the ORANGE port cover, then that Spark EV has the DC Fast Charge feature installed. The regular Spark EV will have a blank plate with no removable cover.

Edit: One forum member submitted this YouTube video on the Spark EV Dc charging. Watch the charge port. you will see the ORANGE port cover several times. That is the proof which I mentioned above:

Pages 5-8, 5-21, and 9-36 also cover DC Charging.

Learn and enjoy!
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