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Rattling Noise In Back Of 2017 Chevy Volt

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Hi everyone, I have a 2017 chevy volt LT. Every time I ride, especially when I am going over bumps and bumpy roads, there is this rattling noise like an aluminum can bouncing around against metal. I think its something loose inside the rear trim assembly of the cargo lift/hatchback because when I shake or push back and forth the lift, the same sound occurs. I don't think its anything serious or something that immediately needs to be addressed but its really annoying to drive to. I tried to remove the rear trim assembly myself but could only open it partially as I was afraid any more force would break it. Any help would be awesome.
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I suspect it might be my hatch glass but I’m out of bumper to bumper warranty and not spending money to get it replaced!
I doubt the glass is loose, it's basically glued in. Perhaps the hatch frame is not closing tight enough and it's rattling. If so, as others have said, there are black rubber bumpers that can be adjusted by screwing them in/out with your fingers.

Or, get in the back while someone drives the car and maybe you can hunt down the rattle location. Perhaps it's loose trim or a loose cargo cover.
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