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Rattle at high speeds or high wind.

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I have a 2017 Volt with 6000 miles on it, a solid 3000 of which are from high speed, long distance, trips on the Ohio turnpike (70 mph speed limit). I keep hearing an annoying rattle at speeds of 70 mph and above that is coming from somewhere in the rear. The rattle also occurs at lower speeds on particularly windy days.

I made sure everything in the sub-trunk was tightened down (tire inflate kit, battery, etc.), but still the noise persists. My gut reaction is that the sound is caused by airflow as it persists on smooth pavement as well as rough patches.

I have not yet been able to get to the dealership to have it checked out. Has anyone experienced a similar problem with a gen 2? Any suggestions on where to look, or measures to take? I plan on going to the dealer as soon as my driving requirements ease up, but I would prefer to fix it myself is there is a simple remedy.

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Not sure on the '17, but on the Gen 1 some reported that the bump stops on the rear hatch were occasionally out of adjustment and would cause a rattle.
Exactly. My gen1 came this way. A few experimental turns of the little rubber bumpers, some trial and error, and the noise was gone.
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