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Swapping a 2014 Volt Base car with backup camera and 9k miles for a
2017 Volt Base Car
16200 OTD
minus GM card 550
minus 7500 Fed. tax credit
Effective cost to move up 3 years 8150 or 2716 per year or 226 per month
It's a NC deal so no state tax incentives.
No financing involved.
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So they are not giving you anything for your '14--or the price of the 16500 is AFTER your trade-in? Obviously 16,500 is a helluva deal for a NEW '17.

By the way, when you say '17 "base"--does it not even have comfort? Or leather? I see a lot of base volts with cloth + comfort.

Either way, here's the deal I would push for:

28K (minimum) for '17
-13K trade-in
-550 GM
subtotal: $14,450 (plus tax/tags, doc fee only)
-$7,500 tax credit

Make sure you get the number they are charging you for the car itself. I've seen some base LTs near me advertised for less than 27K, but since you don't have any around you settle for 28k (after they reject your 27K offer).
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I would be happier at 15k OTD but I have not been able to find it within 200 miles of Greenville NC
RE: 28k for a 2017 Volt would be a neat find within 200 miles of Greenville NC If you know of a dealership that you think will take that amount for 2017 Volt please let me know.
If you're willing to drive an additional 36 miles outside your radius, Ted Britt in Sterling VA has an LT listed for a little over 28k:

At the very least, you can use the listing to argue for a better price. If you go another 20 or so miles North, Ourisman is advertising some in the 27k range.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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