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Swapping a 2014 Volt Base car with backup camera and 9k miles for a
2017 Volt Base Car
16200 OTD
minus GM card 550
minus 7500 Fed. tax credit
Effective cost to move up 3 years 8150 or 2716 per year or 226 per month
It's a NC deal so no state tax incentives.
No financing involved.
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So they are giving you about 13K for your Volt. If your happy with that, go for it ( you don't provide any info on the 2014 )
Its a white base car with 9k miles. I am not happy but I have found no better deals in NC. Trying to sell it has gone no where. Look at the map of NC East of I-95...not exactly a metropolis. This deal forced me to drive 90 miles.
Your getting a good discount on the 2017 and typical trade-in , so I don't see any reason to say no to the deal, its really what make you happy!
Just because you read one person may get a deal like that, does not mean you can. Your issue is your down to 8 days to make a deal if you want the 7500 credit and not wait another year for it! I think the dealers from here to the end of the year aren't as highly motivated knowing its the best time of the year for Volt sales.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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