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Rate my lease Need to finalize deal tomorrow.

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Volt LT,+ Leather seats
Silver + Black leather…..
15K miles..36/M
$5000 down for (Includes Tax & title)

Thanks for your comments in advance.
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If you lose your job tomorrow, are you OK with the risk of owing $6.1k over 3 years? It's all Monopoly money. $0 down payment means higher payments. $5k down means lower payments. What you didn't tell us was the MSRP and what the discounted price of the car was. Dealerships are more than happy to ask you what you are willing to pay as a payment to hook you in, then make their money. But the best deals are where you negotiate the price way, way down then go from there.

Plus, 3 years from now you are back at square one looking for your next car, which is another opportunity to find a decent deal or get screwed. I prefer to find the deal of the decade, buy it with the 100% down plan, $0 per month payments, unlimited miles, unlimited term, and avoid car dealerships as much as possible.
LLNINJA...we see the same reply to every inquiry?? Why dont you share your wealth and buy all Volts for ALL buyers YOUR for Cash and then we can all share the same philosophy ?? :))
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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