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Rate my lease Need to finalize deal tomorrow.

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Volt LT,+ Leather seats
Silver + Black leather…..
15K miles..36/M
$5000 down for (Includes Tax & title)

Thanks for your comments in advance.
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OK if you are in a CARB state (and they tax the entire sale price....if they don't, not so hot). Non-CARB state, I guess that is pretty good.
Don't like the huge up front money though. $0 down is the way to go. GMF leases have built-in GAP, so no worry of being upside down if car gets totaled.
Ditto...Go zero down, a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow...
$0 down payment means higher payments.
It's currently under 1% interest rate...A lot of folks are getting the total price $8500 (before the CA incentive), with the current MF that's $122 in interest over the life of the lease...But you get to keep your money in the bank in 3 years and heck, even invest it, many high yield savings accounts exceed 1%...As always, leasing gives you options...Will the MY19 Volt get 75 miles of range with a $5K price drop? Will the MY19 Bolt EV give you ACC/power seats/sunroof/150KW charging/HUD/vented seats and most importantly, homelink? Now you're not stuck with this car which doesn't hold it's value...Also understand, you're getting a $35K-ish car for $8500ish, I was able to use a service that pays more than CarMax, and got way over my what I owed on my balance, however, in Cali, you have to pay the incentive back if under 30 months therefore I got out of my Volt lease for $1,000...
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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