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Radio volume across sources?

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How consistent is the radio volume when you change sources? I like a local AM program and some of the XM offerings. On my 2015 Prius to get acceptable volume levels requires around 20 on XM and 43 on AM. If you forget to adjust before changing from XM to AM it isn't pleasant. I have no clue why they can't get it closer among sources. So I'm curious if I decide to go to the Volt if it will fix that annoyance.
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You should switch from a Prius to a volt regardless of the radio behavior. But with my g1, all the sources work out fine except of course the aux cable. If you set your smartphone volume too low, you might accidentally crank your radio volume too loud, then when you switch sources you give yourself a headache. But FM, am, xm all work out fine.

My only complaint with the sources is that there are so many of them. I would love to have a configuration somewhere to disable some of them so when I press the source button on the steering wheel, it cycles between FM, , and USB ignoring AM, XM, and aux (I have a cable plugged in. If I want the others I'd like to access that from the center touch screen. But this is all minor compared to my 80 MPG I'm getting on my volt g1 with a 60-65 mile daily commute and no charging t work. The Prius can't do that.
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