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Radio randomly comes on at start on 2017 Volt.

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I normally have my radio off, push and hold on/off button till the display goes blank except for temp and time.

Most of the time when I turn off the car with radio off the car will start with the radio off, as I want it and expect it.

Sometimes though the radio will come on with the volume set very low.

In every case the system recognizes my paired Android phone.

I have a MY 2017 Volt.

Anyone else experience this?


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I think I know the answer. AtomicPowered did touch on it, I'm reasonably sure it's the bluetooth connection with your phone. Even if your phone doesn't have an audio app open, the phone will connect with the Volt and open an audio app and start playing it. This happens to me all the time and for me it's a welcome feature. I think if you take AP's suggestion of turning off bluetooth, you will find that the condition you describe won't occur. Let us know of course!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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