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Radio randomly comes on at start on 2017 Volt.

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I normally have my radio off, push and hold on/off button till the display goes blank except for temp and time.

Most of the time when I turn off the car with radio off the car will start with the radio off, as I want it and expect it.

Sometimes though the radio will come on with the volume set very low.

In every case the system recognizes my paired Android phone.

I have a MY 2017 Volt.

Anyone else experience this?


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Can't get that to happen on my 17.
If the infotainment power button is held to OFF it will be off the next time I start. That power button controls more than the radio and that includes some functionality of the phone.
With the screen black (infotainment OFF) my iPhone will pair shortly after startup. If I push the steering wheel call button the phone info lights up the display and the audio is shown muted (but ON).
Since bluetooth is different with different phone manufacturers you might try a different phone or try turning bluetooth OFF on your phone and see if the glitch goes away.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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