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Radio randomly comes on at start on 2017 Volt.

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I normally have my radio off, push and hold on/off button till the display goes blank except for temp and time.

Most of the time when I turn off the car with radio off the car will start with the radio off, as I want it and expect it.

Sometimes though the radio will come on with the volume set very low.

In every case the system recognizes my paired Android phone.

I have a MY 2017 Volt.

Anyone else experience this?


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Am I understanding this right: your center display always is blank and shows only the time and temp readings? Is this also the case when you turn off the Volt? If so, that's weird. Whether the radio is muted or on, my Volt remembers upon next startup. Then again, I typically keep my center display lit with either radio, music, or the energy screen.
AtomicPowered is onto something. Perhaps you've hit one of the steering wheel buttons (volumn, mute, voice commnad, favorite) without realizing it. It could also that your paired phone is reconnecting to the Volt and triggering the center screen to turn on.

It'll be a pain, but you might have to diligently and carefully keep track of all button pushes to narrow down if the display & radio are actually coming on randomly or by a button press. It could even be a touch volume button on the steering wheel that's triggered when you slam the drivers' door shut, making it appear as if the radio turned on randomly when in fact the steering wheel volume button was triggered to cause it to turn on.

Good luck in the bug hunt!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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