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Radio randomly comes on at start on 2017 Volt.

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I normally have my radio off, push and hold on/off button till the display goes blank except for temp and time.

Most of the time when I turn off the car with radio off the car will start with the radio off, as I want it and expect it.

Sometimes though the radio will come on with the volume set very low.

In every case the system recognizes my paired Android phone.

I have a MY 2017 Volt.

Anyone else experience this?


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Correct, I push and hold the on/off button to turn off the radio to get a blank screen except for time and temp. Usually when I turn off the car with this display it will be the display when I turn the car back on the next day. But sometimes the radio display will startup at turn on. I have to turn the radio off again.
I did a factory reset and did not pair my phone. My radio still exhibits the same behavior. If I turn off the radio then many minutes later turn off the car. When I start the car, an hour, many hours, or day later, the radio may or may not come on at startup, it comes on automatically about 50% of the time. It is random, may come on multiple times in a row, may stay off multiple times in a row. I usually turn the radio off when driving and leave it off.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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