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Radio comes back on after turning off the car

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When I'm finished driving and I turn off the car, the radio will go off briefly and then come back on until I open the door. I don't like this feature and wish that it would just stay off unless I decide to manually turn it back on. Is there a setting that will prevent this?
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My ELR works this way. I usually am just streaming from Spotify. When I turn the car off the music stops (pun intended) and then starts up again until I open the door. It's kinda annoying. My solution is to open the door immediately after turning the car off.

What's weird is that music is about the only thing whose settings are remembered. When I get back into the car and turn it on, the music goes back maybe ten seconds and starts again. Things like whether I was in Sport or Mountain or Hold just get reset to the defaults.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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