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Quick Volt questions if you don't mind

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I'm sorry I haven't read through to see where the appropriate place to post might be. I feel in "crisis mode" - although I have to laugh at myself (first world problems).

I had my heart set on a Tesla Model 3. So much so that I pretty much ignored or dismissed other possibilities. The big 'reveal' was tonight and I was sorely disappointed. I remember the Volt was probably my #2 choice (although distant). I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind providing some insight that I can't really look up with facts and figures.

#1 - I live in a mountainous region. Long steep grades (8.5% - so not insane, but significant) and high speeds (120kph / 75mph). When the electric range is used up, how is this thing in the hills? I drive a Honda Fit now and it is woefully underpowered and I often can't hold the speed limit. More bothersome, however, is how bloody loud it is from the engine noise. That's a main reason I wanted a BEV.

#2 - It is listed as having a tiny 10.5 cubic foot cargo space... surely it isn't really that little, is it? When the seats are folded, etc... can you make a trip to Costco of any significance? Or is it as useless in that regard as the specs indicate?

#3 - How is it for tall guys? I'm 6'4, mostly in the legs. For anyone that's driven a Honda Fit... that's about as tight as I can go. I wouldn't call it comfortable, but I manage.

#4 - One problem with the Fit is that my kid... er... no longer "fits" (pun avoided as best as I could). He's 5 and still in a child seat and he's getting cramped. Again, can anyone relate to the Fit?

I'm really hoping someone's got experience with both the Volt and the Fit and can advise if I'm looking at a significant upgrade or not.

Thanks so much.
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Welcome and sorry to hear the M3 wasn't quite what you were expecting to see.

#1 the Volt has a feature called "Mountain Mode" which will run the engine to "recharge" the main battery to a predetermined level. This allows full power for climbing and maintaining speed through mountainous territory as the mode suggests. I have a '13 and just south of me there is a 6% grade climb and I have NO problems maintaining the legal 65, and frequently find myself at 70 to 75. Keep in mind that an electric motor has full power available as long as it has a power source (battery). A standard ICE will be limited at higher altitudes due to available oxygen. That was one thing that I definitely noticed is that the Volt, even though rated lower for HP than my previous ICE could maintain and even accelerate on a climb where I was barely able to maintain and frequently would find myself slower than the speed limit before.

#2 Like most hatchbacks, they never really list with the seats down. Plenty of room in that case. In fact, I was able to throw 4 OEM wheels and tires into the rear space and still had room. A trip to costco should be no problem.

I can't help on 3 and 4, but I can say that adults seem to be ok in the back of mine. I'm not terribly tall at 5'7" so I don't have to pull my seat way back and that allows more leg room for the rear.
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