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Quick disconnect modification for volt shelf for $12

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Hey guys I ordered a volts shelf for my 2017 volt. Steve was great and the product is pretty great too. It really cut down on the sound transfer from the back.

I fold my seats down fairly often and the idea of uninstalling the volt shelf each time seemed pretty daunting. The only way to do that in its current form requires disconnecting the volt shelf from the strut mounts to unhook the looped cords thus allowing you to be able to fold the shelf down flat on the back of the seats. That seemed like WAYYYY to much to do each time I needed the seats folded down!!!!

So I headed to Home Depot and found a pretty simple solution that allows for a quick disconnect of the volt shelf at the strut mounts. I bought two expandable bungee key chain sets for 6 dollars each. They have a clip that allows for an easy was to hook and unhook the looped end of the rope for the volt shelf.

First, I cut the bungee cords off the clasp fasteners.

Next, I took two 1/2” key chain rings I had laying around and hooked them to the top ring of the clasp fasteners.

Then, I disconnected the strut mounts and slid the 1/2” key rings over the strut mounting points and reconnected the struts.

Lastly, I knotted the bottom rope knots a bit higher than the original knots to account for the added distance created by adding the fasteners at the strut mounts.

Now when I need to fold the seats down it’s as simple as disconnecting the ropes from the two clips and folding the seats down!!!! Easy as pie 😃

I know for some people they rarely fold the seats down so It’s not a huge issue in it’s stock form, but I do it at least once a week so this was a game changer for the ease of use with the volt shelf.

I was also worried that the metal would clink around once the hatch is closed. I was fully prepared to have to tackle that potential problem. Well the Gods must have smiled on me on this one, not a peep of extra noise since they are installed.

I thought I’d pass this along for others who have the same concern with their volt shelf.

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That's an even better solution than the one I came up with. I also have my Voltshelf secured to the struts but I cut my lift lines and tied them to hooks that I can easily connect and disconnect. On the back seats I have a pair of grocery bag holders to hang the shelf's seat rest loops.
Thank you for the great suggestion! Also for those wanting to do this, I was able to find a 3 pack of similar clips without the plastic cord at Walmart for less than $3! They actually had them in store so I picked them up and installed last night!

Here is a picture of what I bought…
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