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Questions about options/colors for 1st Gen

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Hey folks! I'm currently strongly considering a 2014/15 Volt (even 13 if it's in good condition/lower miles) to replace my wife's old gas guzzler, as sort of a cost-efficient, temporary car until we either get rid of our Leaf lease or the Volt for a newer long-range EV.

Context aside, I have been ideally seeking a Volt with the very cool WHITE dash! I've only seen a few, and then also stumbled upon some aftermarket sites that have dash kits for this. One I found on CarMax also had some awesome black and white leather upholstery! Was this an option that Chevy provided? Or is this something people are doing aftermarket? I don't want to be digging an endless whole if I'm trying to find something that doesn't exist, and I can just do it aftermarket.

Lastly, am I correct that rearview cameras are NOT standard?? If not, does anyone have any good recommendations for aftermarket backup cameras that don't cost a ton? This will allow me to find more options if I find a Volt that has everything I want, besides the rearview camera. (I'm ideally looking for a fully loaded Volt). Thanks!
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White center console + dash on the market is rare--probably because everyone who has it loves it. Even more rare is the "spice red" or the "lime"--now those were sights to behold.

They were more common on the earlier builds. They offered more--interesting--varieties of the Volt from 2011-2013. After 2013, they got rid of the accents in the seats, but you can still find some of the white dashes/center consoles. It looks better when the door panels are also the same color.

I had the ceramic white console with it in the seats, door panels, etc. It was awesome. Never saw another vehicle (Volt or not) with it. I have the brandy/black in my Gen 2, but it's more pedestrian as it's also available in other Chevy models.
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