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Question re transferring a 2017 Premier Lease

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I have a 2017 black Premier with 13,500 miles. Lease is 15k miles per year and was started on Sept 24, 2016 (therefore 2 years remaining) and the payment is $490 per month. Never had any issues with the car and has been dealer maintained. Actually it's the best car I have ever owned, but has always been a placeholder for the Tesla M3 which is now expected between November and January.

Does anyone have any experience with any of the 3rd party lease transfer sites? any other advice / experience to share?

PS - please no flames. Again, the Volt is amazing but intent was always to be a gap car... never thought Elon would actually hit his production targets.

charlotte, nc
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Agreed, and unless you are very very high up in the reservation list, the odds of you getting delivery that soon probably aren't in your favor. It seems Tesla likes to over promise and under deliver when it comes to their time table.
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