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I've had my 2013 Volt for about 16 months now. Recently my car went into the shop for something minor, one of the things they did was update the car software (sorry, I don't have any more details than that). The tech said the software was very old.

I live in a moderately cold climate, before the update I hardly ever saw the engine was running due to low temperature. I had seen it before, But the temperature outside was usually in the single digits, the last time I remember it coming on it was 6 degrees outside.

Now, after that service, I see the engine running due to temperature a lot more often. Today, it was 27 out and the engine was on for half of my drive. Last week it came on when it was 30 out.

My questions is, was the car under performing before and not running the engine when it should have, or is my car under performing now and running the engine more than it should?

It's a configuration setting. Change it from Low (35F) to Very Low (15F).
Vehicle Settings
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Engine Assisted Heating
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