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Are all the Tesla Charging Stations superchargers? I mean, could an owner stop at any Tesla charging station and receive the 80% full charge in 30 minutes? Do all the Tesla charging stations also have a 240V J1772 charger also? Are the Tesla superchargers free to Tesla owners? Thanks for the responses.
Not sure what you're defining as a Tesla Charging Station. There are 399 active Supercharger sites around the country today (more every day,) all of which are nominally capable of delivering that charging rate, and the car automatically directs long trips through those sites. These sites generally do not have any other form of charging available, though some are co-located with other types of DCFC on other networks (NJ Turnpike locations, for instance.)

Tesla also encourages hotels and restaurants to offer charging - actually, they'll generally donate the charger and pay for installation if the venue asks for it and pays for the electricity. These are the so called "Destination Chargers" - which are also listed in the car's navigation in a separate section, and are intended for folks that are not driving long distances at the time. They are A/C Wall connectors (EVSEs), delivering up to 80A @ 240V (though a lot of them are actually 208V, and many are 40A or lower.) In those cases, Tesla will donate a Clipper Creek J1772 EVSE for every pair of Wall Connectors if the venue chooses. In my limited experience, about half of them have the J1772.

Tesla Superchargers were free to Tesla owners. Many owners are grandfathered in, and some special cases allow some future owners to have it for free as well. However, Tesla has established official pricing policies going forward, which generally run around 20% higher than domestic electricity in the various markets (a lot of places they have to charge by the minute, because the local laws forbid selling power unless you're a utility.)

The S and X will still get 400 kWh per year included for free if you aren't grandfathered in - it's not obvious if this will extend to the 3 or not at this point.
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