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Putting on the winter rubber

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Looks kind of quiet in the Canadian forum so thought I'd say hi to everyone. I found GM-Volt a few weeks ago and been having a good time reading stories going back at least 3-4 years.

Has for me, I just bought a 2nd Gen Volt a month ago and am just getting around to putting on the new winter rubber.

Here's a tip that might help people not crush their pinch welds. Many years ago I bought this jack cup saddle for my GF's Subaru. It's not deep enough for the Volt so I modified it. A second benefit is to push the back half of the saddle (left in the pic) well under the pad.

Let me know if you give a try and it works for you.

Cheers all,
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Just scooped up some 205-60-16 Michelin XIce3s at Canadian Tire for $100 apiece (+tax). Had to drive to a couple stores to assemble a full set. There are some left around Southern Ontario if you look. Funny thing was I went into the Fergus Canadian Tire to get my tires and there was someone else's order for a 2017 volt sitting there ready for pickup too (kinda odd for such a rare car).
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