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Pulled the trigger on a new Bolt

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Got a pretty good deal and I pick it up tomorrow. Dealership is 228 miles away so it will be interesting to see if I make it home without having to charge seeing as how it's gonna be hot tomorrow.

Anyhow, I looked up the VIN and the last 6 digits represent the sequence code. Mine is 179,820. They've built 180K Bolts already or am I not understanding the purpose of this sequence code? Perhaps they started at 100K?
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Maybe the last digit isn't used. Would make sense as it would be 18K.
So that number is useless then?
I confirmed it will be fully charged when I pick it up. When I picked up my 2017 Volt it had 23 miles of range and one tire had 28psi. it said a lot about that dealership so I'll never buy from them again.
I picked up the Bolt yesterday and the mileage home was 244 miles. I was able to get the Bolt for $3000 less in MD than any dealer in NJ so taking a day to pick it up was worth $3000 for me. I stopped to use a DC fast charger (more for curiosity than anything else) at a Chevy dealership 100 miles into the trip but I would have made it home without charging.

Four initial impressions:

1. The front seat - I've read many posts where people complain about it but I thought it was fairly comfortable for the 244 mile trip. I really have no complaints about it and for sure this car is more comfortable to drive than a Gen 2 Volt.

2. The sun visor - That's a total fail by Chevy, especially since they have other cars with an extendable visor. Not sure how they overlooked that.

3. Range - Comparing it to a Gen 2 Volt, the miles per kWh is better in the Bolt than the Volt.

4. Driver gauges - The Gen 2 Volt is way better. Not sure why they didn't use a similar setup as it seem like the driver gauges on the Bolt are a step back. Didn't see the coolant temperature like the Gen 2 Volt either.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the car.
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I thought the coolant cooled both the inverter and motor but never really looked into it.
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